The most AMAZING lip product on the market. QVC Bestseller - Consecutive years in a row is now in a full Holiday Kit! Prep, Moisturize & Glam! 

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Lip-Lift Buffer Balm:
  • Lip-Lift Buffer Balm (0910634)

Lip-Lift Lip Conditioner:
  • Original (10600)

Lip-Lift Tint:
  • 14k Gold (21262)
  • Blackberry (21259)
  • Blush (21260)
  • Petal (0910633)

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Lip Lift is a conditioner which instantly helps to fill in and minimize lip lines. Formulated with collagen and aloe to hydrate and soften the lips and vitamin E to fight aging free-radicals. Included in the formula is Maxi-Lip™ a natural peptide which stimulates collagen and other naturally occurring compounds, which are moisture magnets to super-saturate lip tissue leaving it moist and plump.