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Spotlights Highlighter Stick
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This precision highlighting stick incorporates a fine, delicate shimmer that leaves a subtle yet sexy luminescent glow. It’s the perfect tool for precision highlighting and brightening: under brows, cheek bones, cupid’s bow, or the nose. It features an ultra-smooth glide and a light-as-air feel thanks to its silky soft, unique creamy texture

Eye Lift Gel XL
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Jumbo size of the award winning Gale Hayman Eye-Lift gel. This cooling formula diminishes and prevents signs of aging while conditioning and visibly firming the eye area.

Retinol PM Capsules
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Is your complexion dull or lifeless? Are you in need of a product that can restore your youthful glow? Retinol PM is the answer. These anti-aging capsules have the power to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Ideal for any skin type experiencing the signs of aging, these little powerhouses will help maintain firm skin and improve skin while improving texture and tone. Your skin will feel comfortable in your skin and look amazing. Retinol stimulates cell turnover to help prevent fine lines and...

Leopard Lip-Lift XL
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A wild twist on the iconic Lip-Lift, this will make a fun addition to your makeup bag. Lip Lift XL is a conditioner which instantly helps to fill in and minimize lip lines. Formulated with collagen and aloe to hydrate and soften the lips and vitamin E to fight aging free-radicals. Included in the formula is Maxi-Lip™ a natural peptide which stimulates collagen and other naturally occurring compounds, which are moisture magnets to super-saturate lip tissue leaving it moist and plump. Lip...

Hello Hollywood Makeup Bag
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Lip-Lift Buffer Balm
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A sweet indulgence lips can't resist. This 2-in-1 treat is a sugar-smoothing scrub with the moisturizing balm of Lip-Lift Conditioner. Together, it's the sweetest way to hydrated soft, kissable lips.

Gale Hayman Sienna Lip Line Last
Price: $11.00
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A lovely lip pencil to contour lips and make them luscious. Prevents feathering and helps maintain lip color all day.

Instant Results Line Filler
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This filler is a non-invasive alternative to surgery and wrinkle fillers. Clinical test results show a decrease of –7.5%, in forehead expression wrinkles after one hour and 12% after 6 hours.  The Hyaluronic Acid in this filler penetrates into the varying depth of the skin folds and trap water in the fine lines and wrinkles. The Filling Spheres are composed of a mixture of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids, perfectly accepted by skin tissue. When they are applied, they easily...