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Bio Cellular Night Eye Gelee
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This delicate, nutrient-rich eye treatment penetrates the outer layer of the skin. Its formula contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids derived from apple and grape extracts which minimizes and softens visible lines to the eye area and delivers intense nourishment. Excellent for all skin types.

Eye Perfection Creme Eye Perfection Creme, Eye Perfection Cream, Matrixl, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin K, Mushroom Extract
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It’s What’s Inside That Gives You Great Results Matrixyl® promotes the growth of collagen as well as other vital proteins, such as elastin and glucosaminoglycans within tissue around the eyes. This insures thicker, firmer, less fragile skin. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) - Decreases under eye circles while its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and blotchiness. Vitamin K - Diminishes vascular concerns that result in dark circles and redness from rosacea. Co-Q10 – Assists cells in...