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ColorFix Lipstick Sealant
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ColorFix Lipstick Sealant helps lipstick last hours longer and prevents lipstick from feathering or bleeding. Also prevents lipstick marks on china, glass, cheeks and him! Paraben and Fragrance Free.

Corrective Concealer Wheel
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Four targeted concealers in one easy to use container. Shades can be mixed for perfect correction. Lavender cancels yellow to brighten dull and sallow skin.Mauve cancels brown to brighten dark patches or age worn skin.Mint neutralizes red to cover sunburn, rosacea and inflammation (breakouts).Pale Yellow cancels purple tones. Helpful for dark under-eye circles and veins that are close to the skin.Formula is smooth and creamy for ease of application with brush, sponge or finger. Expect long...

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Helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and hide imperfections. This enhanced formula incorporates a tri-peptide clinically proven to help boost skin’s hyaluronan production and allow needle-free HA based face contouring, for a visible remodeling effect and firmer skin. Paraben and fragrance free.

Velvet Perfection Primer
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Color Me Beautiful introduces our new and improved Velvet Perfection Primer with Hyaluronic Acid. This velvety smooth primer is made with Vitamins A and E, and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin feeling smooth and creates a perfect canvas for foundation application; resulting in a flawless finish that lasts all day.

Perfection Pressed Powder Foundation
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SKIN TYPES: Effective for all skin types. Including sensitive.This versatile, skin transforming formula is highly versatile. Apply dry or wet as a powder or foundation, for a natural matte finish. This portable compact is perfect for quick touch ups, and comes with both a puff and a sponge to build sheer to full coverage.Versatile coverage. Weightless feel. All-day perfection.

One Step Makeup Remover
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Cleansing and toning in one easy step. Great for touch ups and makeup removal. One Step’s vitamin packed formula provides skin tissue repair, UV protection, moisturization, and conditioning. Paraben free.

C-Plex C-source
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This silky, premium, single dose Vitamin C is encapsulated to ensure maximum stability and potency. It is supercharged with a super-charging dose of Vitamin E that enhances the the power of the Vitamin C.  This power-packed antioxidant duo actively fights collagen breakdown while it boosts its natural production, thereby delaying the formation of lines and wrinkles, while softening the appearance of existing ones. Some anti-aging products are designed...

Brow Fix
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A hair gel for brows, our Brow Fixative tames unruly brows and gives them definition. Includes a wand for application.

Eyeline Sealer
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Make your favorite eye shadow your favorite eye liner. Wet your eyeliner brush with a drop of this sealer before applying your favorite eye shadow on your lash line. It'll add a vibrant pop of color to your everyday look.

Eyeshadow Base
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Nude base primer that wears sheer. Prep eyes and lips for a smoother application. Hold colors on for hours with absolutely no creasing.

Autumn Swatch Fan
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- 48 Custom Matched Chips- Unique Color Names On Each Fan Blade- High Color Reliability And ConsistencyWarm and DeepYou look beautiful in bronze and copper jewelry. Your deeper hair colors include red, auburn, reddish brown, or golden honey.