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Amber Body Spa
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Genuine amber, revered for centuries for it’s organic beauty is now recognized as a super hero for the body beautiful. Fortified with natural powerhouses such as Vitamin E, raspberry, linden flower, bilberry and ginkgo biloba extracts, this exquisite gem will buff the skin to jewel-like perfection while protecting against aging free radicals.

Cool It Instant Cooling Body Spritz
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Are your menopause symptoms making you feel hotter than the mid-day sun in July? Here is a formula that can quickly calm your hot flashes and night sweats! This fast acting, cooling mist draws heat from the inside, like a crisp breeze. May be used to freshen up, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, calms red and irritated skin while it brightens your mood as you feel calmer and cooler.SKIN TYPES: All skin types.

Skin Correction Treatment Creme
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Skin Correction Treatment Cream is non-greasy and readily absorbed into the skin.