Fall Beauty Tips

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Happy Fall Beauty Lovers

Fall time means the weather is getting chillier, the days will get shorter, and the nights longer. And it means you will need to amp up your beauty and skin care routine for the changing weather and to match your new fall wardrobe. We have some tips for you to keep your skin glowing, conditioned, and hydrated in the drier climate.

Up Your Moisture: We all know when the weather gets colder, it gets super dry and it can affect the skin harshly. Our advice is to amp up your moisturizer use. This meaning you should be sure to moisturize your body, from your face to your feet, every day. This will help to prevent flaky, dry, and irritated skin that comes along with the dryer climate.

Keep Using SPF: Just because the summer's over and the weather isn't as hot, doesn't mean it's time to put the sunscreen away! No matter the weather the UV rays from the sun are still as intense and as damaging, despite shorter days and cooler temperatures. It is important to remember your SPF all year around, to prevent aging, wrinkles, and other sunspot damage. Our Daily Defense Light SPF 15 is perfect to protect you!

Exfoliate: If you want to keep your skin glowing like it was in the summer sun, you need to incorporate exfoliation into your fall skincare routine. Dead, dry, and damaged skin build up over time, so to keep your skin smooth and supple, you want to exfoliate weekly. The Papaya Brightening Polish is an exfoliator formulated with alpha-hydroxy acids to give your skin refined and even-looking complexion.

Fill In Those Brows: If you want to learn how to frame your face better, you have to shape and fill those brows. You'll want to tweeze any strays where necessary and get rid of unwanted hairs. Then fill in brows one shade lighter than your natural brow color. This creates a softer, more natural look to your face. The Waterproof Automatic Brow Pencil comes in three colors, is easy to use, and precise instrument for filling those brows.

Changing Foundation: Once the weather gets colder and the tanning and beach trips stop, your skin starts to lose its sun-kissed glow. So that means your foundation shade may need to change with it. Try our Moisture Complex Liquid Foundation to nourish and condition skin.

Full Body Moisture: Post-summer is the time your skin can benefit from some extra full body skin care TLC. The pools, beaches, sunshine, and sand can all wreak havoc on your skin. So indulge in a fantastic body cream to help heal damage and get rid of dull skin layers building up. Skin Correction Treatment Creme is a full body cream that can help to smooth and deeply hydrate the skin.

Condition Lips: If you want to keep your lips looking supple, soft, and plump, make sure you're taking care of them on a daily basis! Use Gale Hayman Lip Lift Conditioner which will keep them exfoliated with hyaluronic acid and hydrated with Maxi Lip to keep your lips looking and feeling amazing throughout the Fall and Winter.

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