Color Me Beautiful launched its cosmetics and skincare lines in the 80’s and is known as the leading authority on color and image. Color Me Beautiful, a best selling book to best-selling cosmetics, we use the power of color to help women achieve their full beauty potential!

Our program allows users like yourself, to get paid on sales that come to us through your website and posts with a personal link! Anytime you or one of your viewers follows the link provided and makes a purchase, you will receive 25% commission on that purchase!


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How to Join

  • If you think you are the right fit to work with our brand, sign up on or CLICK HERE!
  • Please be sure to add an image, your company name if applicable, and links to various social media websites.
  • We will review your profile for approval.
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  • Active and nonactive consultants/reps will not be approved for this program. 

Learn About The Power Of Color!

Seasonal color analysis is proven to improve appearance and self confidence. The right colors can make a person look younger, healthier, and more vibrant. Learn how color magic can work for you and your followers, when you join the Color Me Beautiful Affiliate program.

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Watch The Power Of Color!

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