10 Minute Makeup Fix

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Truly, in the winter I love my bed more than my beauty station so- I don't leave myself a lot of time to get ready. I have come up with a routine that pulls me together within 10 minutes that lasts me throughout the day! Here is the steps I take to go from bedhead to work glam!



1. Coffee, Coffee and um.. Coffee

I need it or nothing is happening.. Luckily its automatic and already in a pot made because technology is great..


2. Moisturizer/Primer

Depending on what your skin type is you can use one, the other or both. I use primer because my combo skin tends to act up later on in the day. Also, SPF is so important, or any other form of skin protection. Creating a base to keep makeup on is extremely important for longevity and smoothing out the complexion.

Try our complexion primers from Color Me Beautiful!

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Helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and hide imperfections, for visibly firmer skin. Preps the skin with the holy grail primer ingredient Glycerin. Glycerin helps retain moisture and gives the skin a slight tackiness to help your foundation stay on all day.

Velvet Perfection Primer $30   Purchase Velvet Perfection Primer!

This advanced velvety smooth primer is made with Vitamins A and E, and Hyaluronic Acid to keep your skin feeling smooth and creates a perfect canvas.

3. Foundation and Spot Conceal

I find less is more with foundation in 2019, I still love baking but I'm not about all the cake. The new trend for this year is using a medium coverage foundation and spot concealing so you do not feel the heaviness throughout the day. I also find it wears off more evenly. Highly recommend this method for not only time-saving but also when doing glam. Fewer products means less movement and the other products you put on top of your base go on smoother.

Create your prefect base with foundation and concealers from Color Me Beautiful!

Moisture Complex Foundation $24.50   Purchase Moisture Complex Foundation!

This water based liquid foundation protects and moisturizes with aloe, sesame and sweet almond oil while Collagen and Elastin nourish and condition.

Camouflage Concealer $14   Purchase Camouflage Concealer!

A multi-action formula that instantly covers imperfections, blurs the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and hides dark circles and signs of fatigue.


4. Contouring Blush

Two birds same stone.. A dark cool mauve blush lifts the cheeks but still gives a tint of rosiness to the face. I also recommend to find one without too much shimmer.

5. "Bronzer"? or Eyeshadow?

I have been using my bronzer in my crease as a everyday eyeshadow look for years.... Not only does it pull minimal makeup looks together but the simplicity of the look and the build-ability of a face powder is extremely easy to use. If you prefer to not use a bronzer, a good taupe brown eyeshadow will do the trick as well.


6. Lots' of Lash

I refuse to do eyeliner when I am running late, I have learned from my mistakes and trust me there has been a lot of mornings where I tried to be that girl. To give me the most definition I apply a couple extra coats of mascara!

Lash out with our amazing Mascara formula from Color Me Beautiful!

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This water-based formula lengthens, separates, volumizes and gives drama to the lashes.

7. Lippies

I either go bold if I am feeling it that day or I will go neutral especially if I know I will need to reapply through out the day depending on my schedule that day. Another helpful trick is using lip liner all over the lips instead of lipstick! Replacing it with a liner it lasts longer and you have more precision!

Lips that last and colors that wow from Color Me Beautiful!

Color Renew Lipsticks
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The first "melts on your lips" lipstick with self renewing color spheres.

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Highly pigmented lip pencil that's a liner and lipstick in one, providing comfortable wear with a matte finish.

8. Eyebrows

Probably the most time consuming step you currently have in your beauty routine, but it doesn't have to be.. Underlining the bottom of the brow and the arch with a pencil, following it with a spooly and quick brush of brow powder should give you the definition you need! 

Feather and define your brows with our Brow Powder and Pencil from Color Me Beautiful!

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Easy and natural application to create the perfect brow.

Waterproof Automatic Brow Pencil $15   Purchase WP Automatic Brow Pencil!

Looks like a brow pencil, but works as a precision instrument for filling in and shaping up brows, with an easy to use, self-sharpening point.

9. Go make your money honey..

You're looking fresh and you're makeup is looking flawless. Time to concur another day and if you're reading this please use sunscreen even if it is winter!!


-As always.. stay glamorous!

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