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Building upon over twenty-five years of experience, Color Me Beautiful presents Reinvent Yourself with Color Me Beautiful: 4 Seasons of Color, Makeup, and Style, by JoAnne Richmond.

This newest addition to the bestselling Color Me Beautiful Series simplifies and demystifies which seasonal color palette is best for you by offering 40 updated colors, including the more recent concepts of warm and cool.

This book was written with a single goal in mind — to empower every woman with a wide range of knowledge and options to create a more confident, vibrant, and beautiful attitude.

A note from the author: Many of my empowered readers have asked me how they can become a Color Me Beautiful consultant like me. For details on this exciting journey click here.


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It wasn't luck that propelled the first Color Me Beautiful guidebook — Carole Jackson's Color Me Beautiful — to become a major bestseller, creating a sensation that continues to change lives today. It introduced a whole new way of looking at clothes and makeup. Like the first book more than a decade ago, this updated guide will change your outlook on life. The concepts you'll find here will give you the right tools to make the right choices at home and in the store. If you haven't organized your closet for a while or find yourself unsure about what to buy, this is the book for you. This handy guide provides a springboard to the concepts, colors, and regimens that can make you look your best. Inside, you'll find great new information and perspectives...and a few all-new colors too.

The Color Me Beautiful concepts have been refined and developed to give you more flexibility than ever before. The author has blended two all-new color concepts, warm and cool, with our tried-and-true Four Seasons color palettes: Winter, Summer, Autumn, and Spring, to help you better understand and choose the shades for you. Do you color your hair? Well, then we've got you covered. Do you need to update your makeup? This is the place to learn how to do it. Do you need some direction when shopping through all the amazing new colors — and determine whether they are really "new"? We give you ideas on how to wear colors in ways you never have before. You will find our color anlysis life-changing. Learn what generations of women have known about this revolutionary approach to make a change of a lifetime.

Author bio

JoAnne Richmond is a graduate of Penn State University with over 20 years experience in the image consulting and fashion merchandising fields. Since 1996 she has been associated with Color Me Beautiful as an independent fashion consultant. She lives in Fairfax, Virginia.

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